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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Whats New for Harmony Designs

By now you know I have branched out and started my own website including an e-commerce feature.
It has been a difficult process and I am not sure if it has paid off. I have also launched a shop on Lidona.com. Lovely new online shopping venue just for jewelry designers like myself to sell their pieces. 
I also maintain my Etsy shop "Harmony5" which list the majority of all my jewelry pieces.
I would like to ask everyone to SUPPORT HANDMADE this holiday season. I love buying a one of a kind item opposed to a massed produced item.
I shop Etsy frequently and love buying gifts for my loved ones.

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Please support handmade by making a purchase!

New things in store!
There will be many new jewelry pieces I am launching just in time for the holidays.
Also, adding new soy tart melt fragrances to my shop.
If you see something you like grab it before someone else does. Most of my jewelry pieces are one of a kind items. 

Thank you!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

NEW! Gorgeous Necklaces!!!

I have launched a new line of beautiful one of a kind gemstone necklaces!

To Shop:

I love them and they can be customized into any color you like. If you would like to request a specific gemstone or color please feel free to convo me on Etsy or send me a message. 
 Orange Jade
Orange Jade & Swarovski

Gray Jade Molecular Necklace

Swarovski Pearl Bridal Necklace

Monday, March 3, 2014


I just finished my website and have launched it today. Extremely excited about this! Some of my products will still be available on Etsy for now. Please check it out and share as much as you can!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

WEDDING TIPS- My Creations

Cake Toppers
I wanted to share a couple of my creations with you! The first item is my cake topper. I bought the kit on Etsy from the shop GooseGrease. I love their peg people but knew I could do them myself. The kit includes all the paint and tools to complete these. Although I did buy a pearl white from hobby lobby for the brides dress. 

I made a burlap platform for them to stand on by gluing burlap to a wooden round board. 
You can buy the peg people kit here: Cost $18.00

Basically the possiblities are endless on how you want them to look. I love how mine came out! 

Bridal Necklaces

I made all the jewelry for my bridal party and also my own too! My bridemaids necklaces are made with antique copper chain cut to an 18 inch length finished with antique copper clasp. I added a green czech glass bead and made it adjustible.  I added a beautiful czech glass green focal drop with flecks of brown. I made 4 and included one for my flower girl! Love them! 

Let your imagination run wild! When making your bridal jewely take into consideration what your colors and theme are. For example for my friends wedding  she has chosen a peacock theme in colors of teal and plum. I wouldn't use a copper chain but instead a silver one. I think the silver would accent the plum or teal better. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wedding Tips- DO it yourself Wedding on a Budget!!

I have learned so much about wedding planning with my upcoming wedding in September. I really want to share some wonderful tips to help any future brides! I want to start by saying yes I made everything from scratch! From decor to bouquets to all the bridal jewelry. It did take a lot of time but I believe it was well worth it. My wedding will be one of a kind. You don't have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful one of a kind wedding!

 A little about my wedding.

 A Fall wedding with a rustic outdoor theme. I used mason jars and skeleton keys to accent everything and added sparkle wherever I could!! I love sparkle! My colors are copper & olive green. Our venue is a beautiful farm with a barn converted to a reception hall. I used lots of burlap!

The Dress.
My dress is a beautiful strapless a-line gown with crystal embellished bodice with a corsette back. It has many pick ups and is made of white taffeta! Absolutely stunning. 

Tips on how to manage. 
I will be honest at first I was completely overwhelmed. The first step was getting my vision down on paper. That really helped me make a to do list. I broke it down into sections. I wrote down everything I intended on making along with all the things I needed to purchase. As I would complete it I marked it with a check mark. You DO NOT have to rush and finish eveything all at once. I started on my list early at least 6-8 months before the wedding. I work long hours at my full time job so I worked on it on weekends and afternoons. Once you break the list down into smaller more manageable tasks it seems a lot less overwhelming.

Check back and I will post all the wonderful things I made for my wedding and share advice on everything Wedding!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Launching New Product

Christmas is fast approaching! That being said I will be launching my new flax seed eye packs soon! They will come in many wonderful fabric choices. You will have a choice of unscented, lavender or other wonderful scents! Perfect for migraines or boo boos. Can be microwaved or put in freezer for a cold pack. I will post a pic when I get them done! Keep your eye out because these would make perfect Christmas gifts!!