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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Listings!

Just wanted to let everyone know about my new Holiday Kanzashi Hair Flowers I will be posting soon! They are beautiful and some are made from Dupioni Silk Fabric. Some also have beautiful Swarovski crystals added to them. I love them and personally wear them myself!
Silk dupioni has an advantage over some other types of silks, in that it tends to resist wrinkles, which helps to enhance the usability of the finished fabric. In addition, silk dupioni also has a tendency to take creases very well, which can give the final product a crisp and formal appearance. As an added bonus, the fabric is totally reversible, so it is perfectly acceptable for both sides of the material to be visible.
The classic dupioni silk cloth is made with a tight plain weave, fine warp yarns and heavier, slubbed filling yarns that form prominent, irregular crosswise ribs. Dupioni has a crisp, scrunchy hand, a rough, uneven texture and a dull luster.
Here is a preview~
Blue Silk Dupioni Kanzashi Hair Flower

Bamboo Lotus Soy Tart Melts

Beautiful Silver Night Swarovski Studs

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