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Team Serenity Trade Events

Team Serenity is organizing a huge 2-day Pre-Christmas Trade Event on ETSY for Team Serenity the end of October! Check back soon for details!

Time: 9AM -9PM (Etsy Time)

We are launching our 2nd Team Trade Event for Team Serenity! If you are interested in trading I will be posting a link to that thread where you can find all the information.

Great time to trade for some really nice gifts!!! If you would like more info on this you can convo me or Melissa & look for the Trade Event Thread we will be starting in the near future!!
Check out Melissa's Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ExquizitCreations

A Little information:
Typically a Trade is when a shop contacts (convos) another shop and sends a request for a trade. The shop then replies with an answer. Dont be discouraged if someone doesn't want to trade. All I ask is that you politely decline the offer. The trade should be pretty close in dollar amount that way the trade is fair. Then purchase your trade using the "other" option as payment type. You may need to setup this payment option for your shop. Also, please ship out your trade using your shipping policy. Unless it is a custom order, I know sometimes custom orders can take a little longer. 
Thats it. 
Hope this helps everyone!
The best advice I can give you about trading is Communication is the key. Having good communication between trading shops is really helpful. I have done many trades and have had wonderful experiences and have met lots of new people along the way.

Please familiarize yourself with the Etsy Do's & Don'ts

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